Charity Foundation

IMAGINE A COLLEGE BUSINESS COURSE AND RECEIVE UP TO $40,000 FOR FREE! and Prairie Western College has joined forces with the Alberta Student Aid. The TRIO has decided to take matters in their own hands, by finding a way for victims of abuse, bullying and other types of hardships that alot of us experiences in life but have no one to turn to. This program that they have put together for everyone to take advantage of.

Different Types of Bullying.

There is more than one type of bullying. Sometimes, we hear name calling and think it’s funny. But everyone hears and feels differently when words are said directly to an individual. Name-calling is definitely one type of bullying. What people don’t realize is that words hurt, and a lot of times, it hurts more than physical pain. Physical pain will eventually stop, and it will heal like it never happened, but when words are said directly to a person, they will remember that for the rest of their lives. A lot of times, when people are called names, they seldom start to beleive it, which leads to depression and depression can lead to a lot of hurtful things, it can even lead to a potential death.